About Tough Self Love

Natural Health | No Bullsh*t 

The core tenant of Tough Self Love is supplements that say what they do with no bullsh*t. Have you ever looked at a supplement bottle and wondered to yourself "WTF does B12 actually do?" or "WTF makes this vitamin specially formulated for women?" We wanted to take away the ambiguity and deliver natural health options that clearly state what they're all about.

We are women's wellness reinvented with a distinctly female-centric approach. We know you don't have time to worry if you're getting enough nutrients or stress about your aging process or endure sleepless nights. We've got you covered for anything the world throws at you.

A Note from the Founder

When I launched Tough Self Love, it was on the heels of a sh*tty time in my life: I was going through an awful breakup that left me depressed, sleepless, unable to eat, and barely functional. I thought my only solution was medication, but when I reached out to my health practitioner, I was surprised that she actually recommended a more natural approach to my depression and anxiety. Although skeptical, I was blown away when a few supplements immediately put my mind and body back on track.

I decided I wanted to share this epiphany: that we can take a natural approach to balancing our minds and bodies whether it's in times of severe stress or simply day-to-day. That's why I launched Tough Self Love, for a natural, no bullsh*t solution to better health.